Management of remote and distributed teams

Remote collaboration will also help you better manage your face-to-face work.

Remote collaboration – that is, when individual team members are not present in the same office, city, country or time zone – has recently taken place in organizations of all types and sizes. In order to collaborate successfully, it’s necessary to adjust the work and team management techniques, set up new team processes and collaboration culture, be able to work with intercultural differences and know how to use communication media correctly.

Who is it for?

  • Managers and team members collaborating remotely
  • Anyone who works remotely with external clients or contractors
  • HR managers or senior managers interested in setting up new corporate culture and processes for remote collaboration

Course objectives

The workshop focuses on the following remote collaboration topics:

Modification of the manager’s role and work organization system

  • Main aspects of successful remote collaboration, personal prerequisites of the leading manager and team members
  • Shifting the manager’s role towards greater autonomy and accountability of team members
  • Setting up a planning, evaluation and handover system without requiring the manager’s presence

Modifications in cooperation and team culture

  • Team culture as the key pillar of remote collaboration, how to build it
  • Characteristics of successful remote-collaborating teams
  • Utilizing intercultural differences and diversity, both between people from different national cultures as well as different demographic strata

Building motivation and team spirit

  • Building team spirit and mutual relations, even in the absence of physical contact
  • Maintaining motivation
  • The extent and the role of physical meetings

Remote projects

  • Starting a project, its process and its end
  • Ensuring mutual availability and information
  • Team agreements for remote collaboration and communication

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